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Samuel Loyd

Dnes Vám představím jednoho z nezapomenutelných skladatelů úloh. Je to Samuel Loyd (30.1.1841 - 11.4.1911 USA ), který se proslavil nejen svými šachovými úlohami,ale i matematickými hříčkami a hlavolamy( nejznámější je snad tzv."15"). Skládal velice vtipné, jednoduché , s jasnou formou, ale hlavně srozumitelné úlohy , které mnohdy nebyly lehké k řešení. Dnešní úlohy charakterizuje složitost mechanismů,velká náplň taktického obsahu,z nihž mnohá jsou v partiích neobvyklá. Proto Loydovy úlohy i po tolika letech jsou stále oblíbeny .



Samuel Loyd

a) Bílý dá mat 3.tahem. a) Bílý dá mat 3.tahem a) Bílý na tahu vyhraje.

Hlavolam "15" :

V hlavolamu existují pozice, ze kterých není možné se dovolenými tahy (tzn. bez vyjmutí kamenů z krabičky) dostat do cílové pozice. Příkladem je pozice

Sam Loyd nabídnul odměnu $1000 tomu, kdo jako první nabídne řešení této pozice, což vyvolalo ohromný zájem o tuto hru (na čemž Loyd vydělal jmění). Tato odměna samozřejmě nikdy nemohla být vyplacena (což Loyd věděl).

Řešešní: a)1.bxa8J!,Kxg2 2.Jb6,Sxb6 3.a8D(S) mat. b) 1Dg7! c) 1.Se4!.a2 2.Sb1! a vyhraje.

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  • RobertKn
    they left the wolfswood to climb amongst the old flint hills, and vanished by the time
  • Edwardoi
    “But to sell you he must keep you, and the riverlands are full of those who would
    “Did you mark the trees?”
  • Williamsaf
    one bird to Castle Black and another to the Shadow Tower.” The Old Bear pointed a
    “A chewed-up corpse’s no good to no one,” said Lem. “The Huntsman bloody well
  • Michaellef
    the line of slave soldiers.
    “To mount our attack.”
  • GregoryVab
    shore, the rolling of the ship made her tummy queasy. She desperately needed a bath
    Arya felt tears well in her eyes. Thoros used a lot of words, but all they meant was no,
  • JordanGep
    curled back up and went back to sleep the instant the thing was done.
    Meera stood over him, the moonlight shining silver off the prongs of her frog spear.
  • RobertMi
    “To Donal Noye, and Mag the Mighty.” The skin was full of mead, but a mead so
    “There is always a chance, but I should not care to wager on the likelihood. They are
  • DustinMi
    missing. Sansa lifted the net for a closer look. There was a dark smudge in the silver
    found him, so quickly it was hard to say which had struck first. The long shafts punched
  • Danielnown
    Jon had no answer for that. “If not for him, for Val. For her sister’s sake, the child’s
    deeper than swords, she whispered under her breath, the words that Syrio Forel had
  • SidneySt
    would follow me, my father awaits.” He turned the palfrey’s head back toward the Twins.
    After, as they lay entwined amongst the dragon skulls, he rested his head against her,
  • RobertoRism
    His brothers were spilling out of towers and keeps, buckling their swordbelts and walking
    better. He’s been longer on the Wall, he’s Ben Stark’s nephew, and he served the Old
  • Charleswer
    and in and out among the horses, but it could not keep up. The wights stood their ground
    Her things were moved into her father’s bedchamber, dominated by the great
  • KennethGymn
    Lem Lemoncloak. “He’s our god too, and you owe us for your bloody lives. And what’s
    and white as well. Tormund shouted something up to him as he passed, harsh clanging
  • Howardbat
    owner won’t be coming to claim her anytime soon.” He examined the palfrey’s legs,
    She chewed her lip. That’s true, I guess. He had given the Hound’s gold to Greenbeard
  • RobertPen
    The outlaws hooted, none so loud as Thoros. “Just so. Yet I am not the false priest
    of Therm spoke the Old Tongue, and most had only a few words of the Common.
  • StevieHed
    All the same, Catelyn would miss her uncle’s craggy face, and Robb would miss his
    Stannis’s host had been Renly’s to start, and they went right back over at the sight of
  • MichaelErex
    raked her.
    one, as if he were trying to commit them all to memory. Then he walked back out into
  • CarlosLeva
    “What gargoyle?” Sansa did not understand. Did she mean Willas? How could she
    whenever a gust got it in its teeth. It skirled along the Wall, shivering off the ice, making
  • MarcusGish
    “Who did it, then?” asked Gendry.
    but nothing ever came of the threat, so now he believes me toothless. He sighed. “I am
  • BrandonCazy
    small, sallow, battered man fettered hand and foot. He had a single eyebrow, a widow’s
    to wed again. If Lord Walder will be reasonable—”
  • Kennethpog
    I know the seas and rivers, the shapes of the coasts, where the rocks and shoals lie. I
    And then she knew.
  • LeonardKics
    falseness of this man. Strike him down if he is guilty, and give strength to his sword if he
    red-faced from the climb. He had a basket of buns under one arm, a wheel of cheese
  • JohnnyNak
    “To save a whore’s virtue, you threatened your own House, your own kin? Is that the
    “That will not be necessary,” said Tyrion. “You have my word as a Lannister, Bronn
  • FreddiePl
    to Robert the Usurper?”
    The bricks of Astapor are red with the blood of the slaves who make them.”
  • Kennethwor
    Starmis Baratheon either, I fear. That one might have given him Harrenhal for his
    twin did she show her wounds. She will look to me for comfort and revenge.
  • WilliamLoom
    and the king his tunic.
    hundred guardsmen more than sufficient to find one lost squire, but your cousin Tyrek
  • Nathangag
    beneath. As he slid the blade back out and wiped it on the dead man, he looked at Arya.
    gave Jon a hand to help pull him back onto his feet. Others were waking as well, jostling
  • Robertcax
    out in the rain with spades, digging shallow graves for the other dead. Lord Beric
    screamed as he rode around the wayn, but he paid no mind.
  • DennisLer
    coming down out of the mountains.
    “. . . the king?” It always came back to Aerys. “Don’t presume to judge what you do
  • Michaelpi
    him, Aerys thought the fire would transform him . . . that he would rise again, reborn as
    “And all the local lads are grateful, I am quite sure.”


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